Eureka Kids

I was very honored to have Ulrika Faerch in Eureka Kids bringing a comprehensive and pleasant training for our teachers.

Ulrika and Eureka’s collaboration began a year ago at an international conference, I met Ulrika and I was deeply impressed by her speech: “Swimming into healthy relationships”. After returning home, I knew I had to invite Ulrika to China and luckily she gladly accepted.

As an experienced practitioner with more than twenty years experience, Ulrika is very approachable. She and our young teachers soon became friends. During the entire training, she always maintained a lively and relaxed atmosphere. The only exception being when the content involves the child's safety, she would carefully explain each action point, and strictly require teachers to implement. Outside the pool, Ulrika is also an excellent lecturer, with refined PPT and professional lectures, so that each coach participates actively in a serious and focused study. After this training, the coaches of Eureka Kids learned a lot.

Ulrika Faerch's theory focuses more on analyzing the needs of the child from the psychological point of view, and take it as an opportunity to guide children to learn to swim. Her understanding of the child's mental activity was even a great help for many of the younger coaches.

It is worth mentioning that Ulrika Faerch herself is a rather relaxed person, in training she often joked with the coaches, and occasionally made some funny action. Perhaps, it is precisely because Ulrika Faerch can remain in this child-like state of mind, she can make such impressive results in the field of parent-child swimming.

Thank you Ulrika for bringing us this fabulous training.

- Gracie Qian, Eureka Kids