Speaking and Lecturing

Ulrika Faerch lectures internationally to parents, program directors, teachers and coaches about how swimming can help create strong and healthy emotional bonds between parents and children, and help children succeed in life.

To have Ulrika speak at an upcoming conference, in your swim school or other event please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Invite Ulrika to speak to your audience on a range of topics

Ulrika takes her audience on an emotional tour with personal experiences, research results, and stories about real parents and children who have navigated the aquatic environment. Learn more about

  • How babies communicate, collaborate and learn
  • How to nurture your child's love of learning and how to give support without taking over
  • How to create the secure base your child needs to dare to explore the unknown
  • The importance of parental-leadership, in the pool and beyond, how leadership is cultivated by the parent from the child’s earliest years

Some of Ulrika’s recent speaking engagements include

  • Nordic Baby Swim Conference (Stockholm, Sweden) 2016, 2017
  • United States Swim School Association Annual Conference, 2017
  • ASCTA Annual Conference (Sydney, Australia) 2016
  • INATI Conference (São Paulo, Brazil) 2017
  • World Aquatic Development Conference (Lund, Sweden) 2016, 2017
"Experts within neuroscience suggest that the biggest difference for our children and our future would be if adults would start a process of self-understanding. Water is a powerful element, and if you know how, it can become an enriching arena for development and self-understanding."

- Ulrika Faerch